Steph's Traditional Wedding in Aire Barcelona


How did your partner propose?

We were staying in London for the night and he proposed in our hotel room before we went out for dinner. I’ve always said I wouldn’t want a big scene so I was glad he didn’t wait until we were out! He set up some champagne while I was showering and left the ring on the table for me to see as I walked out the bathroom… wrapped in my towel with a showercap on my head!!


What’s the best piece of advice you received in the run up to your wedding?

To get a videographer as well as a photographer if you can. We watch our video all the time and it still makes us cry every time we put it on!


How did you go about finding your wedding dress?

One of my friends recommended Fross to me and I’m so glad she did.


How many dresses did you try on before you found ‘the one’?



Do you know the name of your dress designer?

Aire Barcelona



What made you fall in love with the dress that you chose?

It was the exact dress I had in my head. I knew as soon as I tried it on that it was the one.


Did you wear a veil and/or any other bridal accessories?

Yes I wore a full length veil that I also bought from Fross.


Tell us a little about your wedding day – the vibe, what inspired you, etc.

We got married at a place called Pelham House in Lewes. The vibe I’d say was quite laid back but formal and traditional at the same time. I chose navy bridesmaid dresses and we had white flowers and foliage as our theme. We had a canapes and drinks, followed by a sit down meal and then finished the day with A LOT of drink and A LOT of dancing. We had a magician who the guests absolutely loved and we had a saxophonist and DJ in the evening. It was the best, everything we could have wanted and better.



What was your favourite moment from the day itself?

I couldn’t choose – me and Harry (my husband) have said ever since our wedding day that we wouldn’t change a thing. We loved every minute.


Is there any advice you would be happy to share with other brides?

Just to enjoy it. Try and take in every single moment because it really does go so so fast. Everyone always says it goes quickly but until it’s your wedding day you won’t understand quite how fast it does actually go. Don’t let anything spoil it… if anything is slightly out of place or not how you wanted it, don’t worry (chances are it’s probably only you that knows it was supposed to be done differently and no one else will even realise). Another thing is the weather, if it rains just take it in your stride. It rained allllll morning on our wedding day (and for a lot of the day afterwards until the evening), but it didn’t spoil it because we were adamant not to let it. The venue manager told me on the morning of my wedding that it’s lucky if it rains on your wedding day because when a knot gets wet it is extremely difficult to untie <3.


Are you taking a honeymoon and if so when (in relation to your wedding, ie, immediately after, or sometime later) and what are your plans?

We didn’t book anything because of the uncertainty with travel and Covid etc. We did go on a minimoon to London for a few nights after the wedding but we are hoping to get a proper honeymoon booked for next summer.


What suppliers did you use for your big day?

Photographer - duntons_photography | Videographer - hollycassidyvideography | Venue - pelhamhouseweddings | Shoes - charlottemillsshoes | Accessories – – lilyandrooldn (necklace, bracelet and earrings) | Groom's suit – greyssuithire | Bridesmaids – Asos | Florist - tonydunnflowers | Cake - bunston_bakes | Entertainment - spencerwoodmagic (Magician), accoladedjs (DJ), absolutebooth (photo booth), chriswhitermusic (saxophonist) | Rings – H Samuel | Stationery - polkadotpaper (invites), Etsy (everything else) | Hair Stylist – gavinharviehair | Makeup Artist – harrietrainbowmakeup