Sophie's Disney Themed Wedding Day

How did your partner propose?

He wanted to propose on our holiday we had booked to Disney World but due to covid we couldn't go. So instead he arranged 'Disney Day' at home and proposed to me in front of a castle back drop. His whole speak was made up of Disney references, it was so beautiful!


What’s the best piece of advice you received in the run up to your wedding?

Don't let other people's opinion on the wedding affect our choices.



How did you go about finding your wedding dress?

I had been past Fross before and really liked the look of your window and then saw on Facebook that you had a sample sale.


How many dresses did you try on before you found ‘the one’?

I think about 6


What made you fall in love with the dress that you chose?

It made me feel like a princess!


Did you wear a veil and/or any other bridal accessories?

No veil, just a head piece.



Tell us a little about your wedding day – the vibe, what inspired you, etc.

It was Disney themed: full of fun, love and laughter


What was your favourite moment from the day itself?

There are too many to choose one. Walking down the aisle and seeing Paul, taking all the photos, dancing and singing with my sisters, Paul surprised me with a Dalmatian on the day for photos


Is there any advice you would be happy to share with other brides?

Don't get stressed when planning the day, enjoy the process and work with you partner to make decisions.


Are you taking a honeymoon and if so when (in relation to your wedding, ie, immediately after, or sometime later) and what are your plans?

We are going to Disney World in May, 7 months after our wedding


What suppliers did you use for your big day?

Photographer - thekensingtonphotographer | Videographer -  nmayphotovideo