Men's Wedding Rings


We’re very excited to announce that we are now working with Bespoke Wedding Rings London, offering wedding rings brides and grooms can choose from and have made to suit their unique vision. While the main focus of rings is usually on the bride’s, today we want to take a moment to discuss the groom’s. Your wedding ring is a piece of jewelry you’ll likely wear every day, so it’s important you choose one you like. 


As men’s rings are typically more simple than women’s, one of the key decisions when choosing your ring is the metal. While most grooms know gold and silver, there’s actually quite a few metals you can choose from: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium, and tungsten are popular favourites among grooms. Your choice is most influenced by your budget and your personal style, but we also recommend considering your environment—for example, a man working in construction would likely put more wear and tear on his ring than a man in an office job. 



We’ll cover the most popular first: plenty of grooms opt for gold, especially if they’re looking to match their wife’s ring. It’s a classic look that will never go out of style, so it’s easy to see why it’s such a favourite. Grooms should know, however, that when selecting a white gold band, the colour can slightly fade over time, and you’ll need to get it replated every so often—an upkeep you should consider before choosing a white gold band. 


A high end metal choice, platinum is perfect for men who want something simple, low maintenance, and durable. It takes a lot to wear down platinum, and it will never change colour, so the ring will last for the rest of your life—this does, however, make it the most expensive option. 


Love the appeal of platinum’s durability and color, but not the price? Palladium could be your perfect option—available in two separate grades (the high end costs the same as platinum), the lower end grade will give you the same look on a lower budget. 


Another budget-friendly option is tungsten, an incredibly durable metal that will never tarnish, making it a great choice for men who work with their hands. Bear in mind that tungsten can not be resized, however, so once you purchase the ring it needs to be the exact size you need. 


Titanium has a silver look like tungsten, and is also incredibly durable and lightweight, making it a perfect option for any groom who wants something simple and classic. 


While men’s rings are traditionally rather simple, there’s plenty of ways you can customize them—ask us about your different options, and find something perfectly unique for your wedding band.