Our Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Our Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping. Mobile Image

Apr 01, 2018

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun experience, not a stressful one! Read our top tips on how to make the most of your bridal appointment.

1. Every bride is different

This is where your journey begins. We know that a lot of our brides have mixed emotions when it comes to picking their dress. We always ask our brides not to compare their experience to that of their friends. Some brides will find their perfect dress after only trying on one, however, not all brides can be this confident with their first choice. At the end of the day, it’s your decision and no one else, so enjoy yourself!

2. Pinterest is not always the answer

We all know that social media is filled with airbrushed and filtered images, which is why we don’t want our brides to be disappointed if they don’t look like the images. You will still look stunning no matter what.

3. Set a budget

This factor is one of the more controversial yet also one of the most important factors. Ensure that you plan on how much are you actually able to spend on the dress before you make your appointment.

4. Give yourself time

We always ask our customers to schedule their appointments in advance. You will find that weekdays are a lot less busy than on the weekends. We advise that you’ll need at least six months before the wedding to ensure that the dress is ready, eight to ten months is usually the average. We recommend that our brides allow themselves a year for the whole process.

5. Be willing to commit

"Our brides need to go to the store with the idea that they’re going find their dress” - Fross.

In our experience, we have found that brides who walk into a store with the thought that they won’t find their dress are more likely to walk away frustrated, we don’t want you to waste your time. “Brides come in trying on gown after gown, you want to find the moment where you feel that it fit perfectly”. We find that this is a combination of openness, positivity, and focus.

6. Don’t go to your dress appointment with a big entourage

Having too many people around you can be overwhelming. We advise that our brides come in with someone whose opinion you truly want, otherwise you could walk away feeling unsatisfied.

7. Don’t put too much importance on the pictures you take when you first try on the dress

Please note that your first fitting of the dress is not altered. So, try not to put too much importance on the pictures as we wouldn’t want you to go home and pick apart your choice. Remember your dress will be fitted to your body.

8. Be open-minded

“We advise that you have an idea of what you want but try not to be fixated on it” Fross says. “You may find that you end up actually wanting a ball gown instead of mermaid. Your consultant may try something different on you because nothing else is working” – and that’s when you might find the one for you.

9. More can be more

If you have the budget, then you may find that it is more fun to wear more than one dress on your big day- especially if you can’t decide on one style. That way you can wear the ballgown and the sexy sheath too.

Now you're equipped with our expert advice, don't forget to book your bridal appointment with us today.