Make It Yours: How to Customise Your Wedding Dress

Make It Yours: How to Customise Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Jul 15, 2019

Not many of us can afford the luxury of having a completely tailor-made wedding dress, designed to your exact specifications (just imagine!) Yet many brides-to-be are looking for a wedding dress that reflects their personality and is unique to them. It’s still possible to inject a bit of your personal style in to your wedding dress, even if you buy ‘off-the-rack’ - and in this blog we’ll show you how!

Accessorise Your Wedding Dress

This is the most obvious choice, and gives you an almost limitless range of possibilities. If you’re dress is relatively simple in design (i.e not featuring large amounts of lace and appliqué), then you can really go to town:
  • Add a belt to give a modern touch and define your waist. This could be a jewelled belt for drama, or a simple fabric belt to add subtle interest.
  • A jewelled hair accessory, tiara or veil can transform a simple dress from classic to fashion-forward in seconds.
  • Pair your dress with bold items of jewellery, such as a statement necklace or pair of earrings. This is also a good way to incorporate your ‘something borrowed’!
  • For a Spring or Summer wedding, ask your florist about creating a floral hairband for a natural boho look.
You’re not even limited to bridal-specific accessories, just remember to consider what will emphasise the design and fit of your wedding dress without stealing the show. Watch our talented bridal stylist Millie as she transforms a simple strapless dress using different accessories to achieve a variety of looks: [embed][/embed]  

Customise Your Wedding Dress

Did you know that most wedding dresses can be adjusted and customised? As well as minor alterations, our in-house seamstress, Helen, regularly adds or remove sleeves, belts and embellishments for our customers. Maybe the wedding dress you’re lusting after is lacking a bit of volume in the skirt, in which case we can add an extra layer of tulle to give it more impact. If you fall in love with a dress which needs a little something extra, talk to Helen about customising it to fit your unique style. [caption id="attachment_16633" align="alignnone" width="737"]The Rene dress by Eddy K wedding dresses with cape The Rene dress by Eddy K features an optional cape to transform the dress from subtle to full-on goddess![/caption]

Add a Cover-Up

Adding a little something extra over your shoulders is another quick way to achieve a completely different look, and it’s ideal for brides that would prefer to keep their shoulders and upper arms covered. Getting married in winter? Add a fluffy faux-fur stole or bolero to stay warm and achieve a snug, snow-maiden vibe. Add drama and impact with a full-length cape, or for just a touch of sparkle, throw on a beaded capelet - perfect if you’re worried your dress is showing a bit too much cleavage! Your cover-up doesn’t have to draw attention away from your wedding dress, instead it should provide the perfect complement and emphasise your personal style. [caption id="attachment_17399" align="alignnone" width="600"] A delicate jewelled hair accessory adds a romantic, vintage touch to your bridal look.[/caption]

How will you Customise your wedding dress?

When it comes to styling your wedding dress, you’re really only limited by your imagination. Get creative, create a Pinterest board and start pinning some ideas and talk to our bridal stylists about what would work well with your bridal gown. We offer a wide collection of gowns to suit every bride, from boho to timeless, as well as a range of bridal accessories to add that finishing touch. From subtle and chic finishing touches to dramatic statement pieces, our stylists are here to guide you in accessorising your wedding gown.