The Essential Wedding Gift Guide

The Essential Wedding Gift Guide. Mobile Image

Mar 02, 2017

Your wedding gift could be one of the most important gifts you could imagine buying for someone (no pressure). It's highly likely that your present will stand in a pride of place in the home of the newly wedded couple and therefore it should be something special. Depending on the intention of the gift it may also be functional or sentimental- all are equally memorable and will mean the world to your bride and groom. Read on for our fool-proof guide to help you find the perfect wedding gift…

Personalise your wedding gift

Popular sites like and Etsy have special collections of gifts designed with weddings in mind, with everything from bespoke scrapbooks to engraved wooden Mr and Mrs key rings and keepsake boxes. These gifts are ideal for the sentimental and especially if you have a loyal, long lasting friendship with your bride and groom. Don’t be afraid to use your own artistic skills and make something by hand - they will surely appreciate the extra effort you have put in, and it will stand out between the other wedding gifts. So, get out your old school and baby photos of the lovely bride and groom and be creative!

Remember- it’s the thought that really counts.

Pinterest is your best friend here! You may find it difficult to think of ideas from scratch and make something, so not to fear! Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspired for everything wedding related, including wedding gift ideas. You can even pin and save ideas on your own private board so the inspiration behind their gift remains a mystery. If you’re lucky enough and the bride or groom has their own Pinterest page, you can get an idea of the things they like and be guaranteed to get them a gift they love. (We have our own Pinterest page, so if you ever need any inspiration then look no further!)

How to follow a theme

In some weddings, the couple sets a theme- whether it be Disney or Star Wars, why not use this opportunity to give your bride and groom a really quirky gift. Something that will be nostalgic and symbolic of one of the best day of their lives? Cushions with quotes from their favourite film, going against the traditional and giving Disney-themed horseshoes or organising a character to sing for the couple are just a few endearing ways to impress them with your commitment to the theme! These types of gifts will be guaranteed to be memorable and special.

Consider if there are cultural differences

If you're attending a wedding of a couple from a different religion or culture, there may be customs for gift giving in place. These aren't always set in stone, but if they are traditional then they may prefer you to follow the customs. If you're not sure, don't be afraid to ask the bride and groom for advice. If anything, this could be a great opportunity as it will give your gift some direction and allow you to narrow down your searches. In Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist weddings for example, it is more common for the bride and groom to ask for money in an envelope. Nice and simple! Artwork and religious works to adorn the newlyweds’ home would be widely appreciated, but in this case do your research and ask the couple’s family for advice.

Don't worry

Don’t overthink your wedding gift and don't get stressed; the couple will just be happy for your attendance on their special day!