Accessories for Specific Necklines

Accessories for Specific Necklines. Mobile Image

Mar 23, 2021

Already found the wedding dress of your dreams and thinking of how you plan to accessorize? Accessorizing your wedding dress is a big decision: you get an opportunity to show off your personal style and highlight your wedding dress. A lot of brides are intimidated by the idea of finding the perfect accessories for their dress, so to help we’ve gathered a few of our favourite tips for accessorizing different necklines. 



Larissa by Le Papillon by Modeca

Sweetheart necklines have been around for ages, and are popular for good reason. The shape is soft and feminine, and looks good on everyone. The classic shape looks good with nearly any accessory, depending on how elaborate your bodice is. A more intricate bodice may feel more balanced with a simple pair of earrings, while a simpler dress may look elegant with a simple necklace. 



Vartan by Aire Barcelona

The beauty of an illusion neckline is in it’s detail. Whether lace or mesh, the neckline adds stunning elegance to a dress, and you don’t want to take away from this gorgeous effect. Pairing this neckline with a chic pair of drop earrings, a vintage-inspired hair comb, or even a belt lets the neckline shine without overpowering it. 



NI12164 by Nicole Spose

Off-the-shoulder necklines give dresses gorgeous, romantic elegance. The dreamy cut looks amazing with plenty of accessories, but our favourite is a simple pendant necklace. Adding a necklace further highlights your decolletage, allowing the neckline to do its job and giving you the perfect romantic look. 



Quiana by Aire Barcelona

Scoop necklines are simple yet striking, giving dresses a gorgeous modern touch we can’t get enough of. To complement the neckline’s simplicity, we love when brides keep accessories simple too, opting for a chic pair of earrings or a subtle hair comb for the perfect hint of sparkle. 



Codex by Aire Barcelona

We love the way plunging necklines add sultry glamour to dresses. The neckline itself creates a statement, so find accessories to highlight this statement without interfering with it is important. Skipping a necklace keeps the neckline’s statement there, while balancing the neckline with a pair of drop earrings or a belt look incredible. 

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