Abby's Magical Wedding In Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

Abby's Magical Wedding In Justin Alexander Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Jan 04, 2021

We are so happy for Abby as she was able to have an intimate wedding with her close family during coronavirus. With so many brides having to cancel or delay their wedding date, we are celebrating for Abby and so happy you were able to marry your best friend! We loved getting to hear all about the details of her big day. 


How did your partner propose?

I came home from work on Friday 4th October 2019 and went upstairs to get the washing. There were clothes all over the floor! As you can imagine I wasn’t happy. I called my partner upstairs to have a go at him and then he said “will you marry me?” I obviously told him to shut up and it wasn’t funny and he said he wasn’t joking and I had to find the ring! It was under my pillow.



What’s the best piece of advice you received in the run up to your wedding? 

We got married during covid so the best advise I was given is that the most important people to me will be there. Couldn’t have been more true. 



How did you go about finding your wedding dress?

I live in Uckfield and had heard many good things about my local bridal shop Fross wedding collections. I looked on the website and wrote down all the dresses I wanted to try on. There were soo many beautiful dresses to choose from.


How many dresses did you try on before you found ‘the one’?

I only tried on two dresses from my long list and just knew that the second dress was ‘the one!’


Do you know the name of your dress designer?

Justin Alexander


What made you fall in love with the dress that you chose?

I fell in love with the dress I chose because no one would of ever expected me to choose it! Its really low cut and I never wear low cut clothing but the dress was absolutely gorgeous how could I of not chosen it? 


Did you wear a veil and/or any other bridal accessories?

No veil or accessories as I didn’t want to cover up the beautiful dress. 


Tell us a little about your wedding day – the vibe, what inspired you, etc. 

Our wedding wasn’t your ‘normal’ wedding as we got married on the 23.12.2020 during covid! It was our original date as I love christmas and wanted to wake up at our venue the following day and have breakfast with all our family and friends on christmas eve. Well as you know getting married during a pandemic meant that we had to make a cut from 120 people to 30 people and then to just 15 people! This also came with a lot of restrictions! At times it was very stressful and on occasions I felt like postponing. When my partner said to me “I would get married with just you there” how could I postpone? We wasn’t going to let Covid win and ruin our day. It was the most magical and intimate day and couldn’t have wished for anything more. I got to marry my best friend and that to me is what a marriage is all about.   



What was your favourite moment from the day itself? 

Saying our vows. It was like there was no one else in the room apart from us. It felt so intimate and romantic. 


Is there any advice you would be happy to share with other brides?

Don’t be put off getting married during Covid and don’t let it stress you out too much. You will still have the most perfect day even though its not how any of us had originally planned our day to be. I know its easier said than done but trust me. 


Are you taking a honeymoon and if so when (in relation to your wedding, ie, immediately after, or sometime later) and what are your plans? 

Once again as we got married during a pandemic this has made travelling very difficult, so as of this moment were not really sure when we will be able to go on our honeymoon. This doesn’t really matter to us though as we have just bought our first home so we are enjoying renovating it.


What suppliers did you use for your big day? 

Photographer - critchlowphotography | Venue -  Buxted Park hotel | Shoes - Rainbowclubuk | Groom's suit – DKNY from mossbros | Florist - Made them myself | Rings - georgemossjewellers | Catering - Buxted Park | Makeup Artist - I did it myself