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The All Important Questions & Answers


The best way for us to guarantee every single bride the very best experience in our boutique is via booking an appointment in advance.

This enables us to ensure we have enough bridal specialists available, to give you the excellent service we are renowned for!

Unlike other similar bridal boutiques we do not make a charge for our appointments.

We will bring more people in, especially at the busy weekend periods, to ensure we give every bride to be the best experience so just ask politely to give plenty of notice if you can’t make an appointment.

We are lucky in that we have a very large boutique so can easily accommodate brides and their parties.

We do ask you to let us know if there will be more than 4 of you though so we can just ensure there is enough room for all our brides to be to be comfortable.

We can arrange a “closed” personal VIP experience for you and your guests with refreshments & nibbles.

There is a charge for this exclusive service so please contact us now to learn more.

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We try to keep a very large range of sample bridal gowns with sizes covering the whole range.

All our bridal gowns can be ordered in sizes 4 to 30.

This is where our experience as bridal specialists comes in. We are able to adjust the sample gown to “fit” which gives you an idea of just how it will look on you.

Our adjustments will involve pinning in excess fabric if they are too big, or alternatively if they are too small there are many options we can use to allow you an idea of what it will look like. Our large showroom allows for plenty of privacy and you will be made to feel completely comfortable at all times!

It is important to stress again we are here to help and support you as much as you like!

You can either tell us the designer/style you like or we can talk you through the various style options and find what suits you.

Once we have narrowed down the options we can make suggestions for you, or you can chose which dresses you try on with as much advice or guidance as you would like to receive.

It is important to know at the outset if you are shopping to a budget or not. There is nothing worse than finding your dream dress and then finding it is way over your budget!

The majority of our dresses are in the £1200 to £2200 price range. We want you to feel totally comfortable and under no pressure so thinking about your budget in advance is definitely worthwhile.

It is also worth considering our ex-store samples (sale wedding dresses). This can allow you to get a wedding dress from £500 and bring forward the possibility of dresses and designers that were initially out of your budget range.


The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to take your unique measurements and then cross reference these to the designers size charts.

Just like on the high street, one designer may classify you as one size and another designer at another size…

It is important to order your dress well in advance of your wedding day. If you are planning on changing your current size then the best bet is to let us know this and then we can undertake a final measurement around 5 months before your wedding day.

Our in-house seamstress is exceptionally talented and is more than able to take in or let out the majority of our dresses to ensure a perfect fit for you. This is very useful in case of unexpected size changes closer to your big day.

Once we have ordered and received your wedding dress we offer you the chance to use our experienced in-house seamstress. If you choose to do this then we book your initial fitting around 2/3 months away from your big day.

The majority of our brides only require 2 of these fittings to get the gown perfect. The cost and amount of fittings will depend on exactly what is wanted or needed to get the dress just right. This will be discussed on your first fitting directly between yourself and the seamstress.

We recommend keeping guests to a minimum.

We always recommend bringing in your shoes and any underwear you are planning on wearing on the day. This will enable us to create the perfect fit.

Yes! We are completely happy to store your dress safely from the moment it arrives and throughout your fittings for a small fee of £50 which includes a final steaming of your gown to ensure you are fully prepared for your day.

All you need to do is remember to collect your dress a few days before your wedding (or on your wedding day if you prefer and are local).

We will store your dress safely and help ensure it gets to you as crease free as possible.

ps: We can also recommend cleaning and the best way to store your dress after your big day.