Once, Twice, Three Times A Bride – Re-marriage and Vow Renewal




Marriage is a celebration of the love between yourself and your other half. A wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and nowhere does it state you are not entitled to more than one. Whether you have been married once, twice or five times the meaning of the day stays the same, to show your love for your partner. Every wedding day is magical, and every relationship is special. If you have been married once before, why should this day be any less special just because it isn’t your first time?

The number of people getting married more than once, or renewing their vowels to an existing partner, continues to be high. Even though second-time weddings or vowel renewal ceremonies have the reputation of more relaxed, low-key ceremonies than first time weddings there are no rules to suggest you shouldn’t indulge yourself as much as you wish on your special day. Here are some common questions about re-marriage that we often hear:


Is It Common To Remarry Or Renew Wedding Vows?


The number of people that remarry or renew their wedding vows continues to be high, in fact around 40% of all marriages in the UK are re-marriages. Some studies have shown that up to 80% of people who have been divorced marry again. This shows the optimism that many people have in their new relationships and their confidence in the act of marriage as a bond of love and trust. Other studies have shown that people who remarry or renew vows tend to have more positive outlooks and are more hopeful compared to those who do not. Re-marriage is on the rise for those later in their lives (over 50s) with many people agreeing that divorce should not get in the way of enjoying the rest of their lives.


What Can You Learn From Your First Wedding?


One big benefit of getting married for a second time, whether to a new partner or renewing your vows to a current partner, is that you now have the experience of your first wedding day to learn from. Reflecting on your previous marriage can help you to make sure that your next wedding day is even more enjoyable. Take the time to think about how you felt about your previous choices of bridal gown, venue, catering, music etc. to help make decisions for your upcoming event.

This is an opportunity to get exactly the ceremony you want. Whether it’s a relaxed affair with close family and friends or an over-the-top formal display with hundreds of people, make sure you get what you want this time. Many brides who remarry choose to throw an event which is quite different from their first wedding day as this helps you to avoid any feelings of going through the same motions again and keeps things fresh for both the bride and groom.

As many people are young when they first get married many of the decisions for the wedding are made, influenced or financed by close family members such as parents. Although this is not a bad thing, re-marriages often allow brides and grooms more freedom of choice to create their dream experience.


What Should You Wear When Re-marrying?


A very common question that we often get asked is whether or not a bride can wear a white wedding dress to her second wedding day or vowel renewal ceremony. There is a very clear answer to this question… YES! It is a common myth that this is frowned upon, which stems from the old-fashioned idea of only virginal brides being allowed to wear white (thankfully this idea is very outdated). In our modern society there are no rules suggesting that a bride can not wear a white bridal gown on her wedding day, no matter if it is the second, third or tenth time around.

The only rule for dressing up on your wedding day is that you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. So, no matter which style of bridal wear you choose you must make sure that you pick an outfit that fits both your body and your personality perfectly.

However, it may be worth bearing in mind that some people suggest that a veil shouldn’t be worn to a second wedding as it still represents the ‘purity’ of an unmarried woman. This stems from the use of a veils as blushers which cover the face of the bride to shield it from the gaze of the groom until the wedding ceremony begins. This being said, many brides still do wear veils when remarrying or renewing vows without issue. If you didn’t get the chance to wear a veil at your first wedding or just have your heart set on a particular veil it is ok to wear one, but it is probably best to steer clear of blusher veils which cover the face.

It is popular to take the opportunity of a second wedding to go for a look that is a little more Avant-Garde and out there. You shouldn’t feel restricted by any norms when choosing your bridal outfit for your second wedding or vow renewal ceremony. It is also common for brides who remarry to go for an outfit that is of a contrasting style to the one they wore on their first wedding day.


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