How to Pack a Wedding Dress Into a Suitcase

Do you think we can fit this wedding gown into that travel case?

Well, we can, and this is how we do it…

For all the brides tying the knot abroad, this is the blog for you!

 Follow the steps below to see how we pack a wedding gown.

You provide the case and we’ll do the rest!

Step One:

We use a polythene cover to keep the gown compact, this makes it easier to fold the gown up into the case.

Step Two:

We then line the travel case with tissue paper. We do this for extra protection.

Step Three:

When placing the gown into the travel case, it is always best to start with the train first, folding it over, leaving the bodice facing upwards.

Step Four:

Finally, when zipping up the travel case, be sure to apply pressure on the case releasing any air left in the polythene, this was just to make it easier to enclose.

We would provide you with an extra polythene for the journey home.