Why a Winter Wedding…

Why a Winter Wedding…

Winter is one of the most romantic times of the year, with cosying up by the fire, walks in the snow and kisses under the mistletoe reminding us of that real old love. So why not add to the romance and plan your wedding for the winter. Here are some of the many reasons we believe you should have a winter wedding.

Your wedding will be unique

Unsurprisingly, winter is not the most popular time of year to get married; however this is not necessarily a bad thing. It means that your wedding will be memorable among your friends due to the unique decoration, hearty food and it could quite possibly be the highlight of their winter. You may even become a trendsetter!

It’s more cost effective

Due to the fact that winter is not the most popular time to hold your big day, venue hire is significantly cheaper, due to the lack of competition. You can expect to hire some of the most desirable locations for a fraction of the cost you’d be paying in the summer. You could potentially have more bargaining power during this time of year as caterers and other independent companies will be less in demand and therefore competing for your custom.

Memorable decoration

The colder weather means that different flowers will be in season compared to those available during summer. Meaning that deeper autumnal colours are in bloom, as well as lots of white flowers to reinforce the theme of winter and snow. The nights also grow longer and darker meaning more opportunity for dramatic lighting, with the use of candles and subtle fairy lights.

Exquisite photographs

If you are lucky enough for snow to fall on the big day, the photographs will be stunning. Just imagine your wedding party captured against the backdrop of a snow swept scene. Although, snow is not always guaranteed, frost matched with rain and umbrellas also make for beautiful photographs and joyful memories.

Different dresses

During the summer- sleeves and four layers of fabric can make for an uncomfortable day. However in the winter, the more layers the better! Long sleeve dresses will keep you cosy while fur coats will turn heads, perfect for those brides wanting to make a statement all while keeping up to date with current fashion. It also poses an excellent opportunity to dress your bridesmaids in darker colours if this is better suited to your personal style.

Longer nights

For those of you who love a good party, you cannot go wrong with a winter wedding. It gets darker earlier, meaning the dancing and festivities can go on for longer with an earlier start! Those early evenings remind everyone of Sunday roasts and hearty foods, which are sure to be a hit with guests to warm their bellies after those outdoor photographs.

So wrap up warm with a glass of mulled wine and toast to magic, wintery love.