Why you should NEVER buy cheap knock off wedding dresses online

Why you should NEVER buy cheap knock off wedding dresses online

The Problems with Cheap Wedding Dresses

All you need to do is a quick Google search for ‘cheap wedding dresses’ and you will be presented with an array of websites offering cheap copies of designer weeding gowns. These websites are growing in numbers, promising economical alternatives to designer wedding dresses, or cheap copies, made in the Far East. They state that they can create near to perfect copies of the designer gowns out there. But this could not be further from the truth.

It only takes a little more searching to find online wedding forums and social media websites inundated with disappointed brides sharing their wedding dress nightmares, it seems that buying a knock off copied wedding dress online can be fraught with issues. Even at our bridal boutique in Uckfield we get regaled with horror stories from brides and their guests who know of people that have had nightmare experiences after buying knock off wedding gowns online.

The true reality of these copied designer wedding dresses is that fact they may looked stunning online but in real life they look hideous and poorly made. Instead of using lace from Chantilly, what arrives is polyester from China and ‘Beading’ on the gowns often turns out to be appliqué. The fact that the copied wedding dresses are almost impossible to return and get their money back on just add to the nightmare.

Knock Off Nightmares

On the Facebook group we found called “Knock Off Nightmares”, where brides share their stories of bridal gown disappointments imported in from abroad one bride said

 ‘I bought my wedding dress online, but I am very very disappointed. The dress is from a very bad quality of material. I want to return the product but they don’t want to give me the money back. In a few words: they are selling bad dresses, bad quality of material and they are cheating the people.’

So i suppose we have to ask why are Brides turning to these cheaper copies of designer wedding dresses?  Well let’s look at some facts. In 2014 the average UK wedding now costing a whopping £21, 000. Genuine designer wedding dresses can also cost thousands of pounds. So is it any surprise that many potential brides to be are opting to try their luck with a cheap online copy of a design wedding dress. Looking at these costs it’s understandable that brides might be looking to save money wherever they can.

But you really cannot ignore the cries of masses. Fross Wedding Collections strongly suggest you do not ignoring the pleas of the multitude of aggrieved brides who have taken to social networks to share their wedding dress nightmares. The message is perfectly clear: Beware the cheap copied wedding dresses available online.

If you looking for a bit of a bargain or you wish to save money when it comes to your wedding dress then visit our Wedding Dress Sample Sale website where we sell discounted genuine designer wedding dresses at reduced prices because they are ex-sample wedding dresses.

So before you find yourself on your big day walking down the aisle in an ill-fitting, poorly made wedding dress, have a look at some of these pictures that have been posted online of the type of wedding dress disasters other people are witnessed.